Meet Michelle S.

“It was the Fourth of July in 2019, and my friends and family were enjoying the fireworks when someone at the neighboring property set off fireworks that went awry. 100 feet away from me, a high-velocity aerial rocket discharged horizontally and misfired. The firework hit my left inner thigh and erupted, burning my legs in […]

Meet Mia F.

Mia was enjoying her senior year at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV and getting ready for her typical Sunday activities, meeting with her Alpha Xi Delta sorority sisters and studying at the library for an upcoming exam. Mid-day rolled around and Mia decided to grab a snack with her roommate, Lindsay. Fried pickles sounded […]

Meet Brooklyn

 “My daughter, Brooklyn was two-months old when boiling water from a bottle warmer fell into Brooklyn’s bassinet while she was sleeping. Once we arrived at the hospital, the burn team informed us that Brooklyn’s burns covered 15% of her body and that the next 48 hours would be the most critical (as a burn can […]

Meet Audra

Meet our “SUnShine of the Day”, Audra!  Audra has had her scars nearly all her life, but it has taken her a while to embrace them. She was 18 months old when she was burned by a cup of coffee that she pulled from the table. Between then and her sweet sixteen, she had six […]

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