Meet Zayden

Zaydan was only 18 months old when he fell into an inground fire pit after his older brother scared him. He was burned all over both of his hands and arms with some burns on his leg. This led to a partial amputation of his pinky finger on his right hand. Zaydan’s recovery went well. […]

Meet Tonya

It was December 17, 2018, when Tonya was burned while her and her husband were cooking dinner at their at-home fire pit. She went inside to grab some steaks to place on the grates added to the fire pit to allow for cooking. “A stream of lighter fluid squirted and I went up like a […]

Meet Theresa

Our “SUnShine of the Day”🌞 is a courageous & resilient burn survivor, Theresa! May her story be a reminder of how precious life is & that you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle that comes your way. On 3/27/20, while sitting around a bonfire with friends, a mixture of gas & oil was poured onto it […]

Meet Samuel O.

Samuel was burned as a toddler, barely a year old, when hot water from the iron poured down the right side of his face. His bottom eyelid was damaged, and he still bears the scar of this childhood burn injury. Dealing with his injury was particularly challenging during his pre-teen years. His scar drew attention […]

Meet Samuel M.

September 1, 2009 started out just like any other day for Samuel, but it didn’t end like one.  Samuel was hired to help a neighbor move.  While handling a seemingly useless box of what looked like books and hay from the backyard shed, he tossed it onto a concrete slab nearby.  As the box struck […]

Meet Robert

A distillery explosion earlier this year resulted in Robert being caught on fire for approximately 30 seconds and burning over 25% of his body. Thus far, one of the most challenging aspects of his physical and emotional recovery was enduring debridement and wound care while in the hospital. At this time, the scarring on Robert’s […]

Meet Max

On March 19, 2011, Max was burned in an accidental fire from gas-igniting while doing yard work.  Max sustained third-degree burns on 25% of his body and was taken by helicopter to Vanderbilt’s Regional Burn Unit in Nashville where he spent three weeks recovering. He had two skin graph surgeries and later spent a week […]

Meet Regina

Regina lived out her worse nightmare on the night of January, 8 2015.  She awoke to a smoke alarm sounding, heavy smoke and her home engulfed in fire that had an electrical origin. She and her husband, Chuck, escaped the burning home by crawling through the thick smoke. Chuck saved her life as he guided […]

Meet Micah

I was burned as a baby at 13 months old. My burns are still visible on my chest, left arm, shoulder, and stomach. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned how to self-soothe, breathe deep and heal from my trauma. It took many years of doing inner work to finally feel comfortable […]

Meet Landjina

Landjina is a burn survivor and entrepreneur who created her own clothing brand, “Burn Survivor On the Rise”. The brand is all about reminding burn survivors that their scars are a reminder of what they went through and that they are alive for a reason, so it is time to live life at its fullest. Landjina […]

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