Meet Harper

On Nov. 11, 2019, Natalie, 35, kept her 5-year-old daughter, Harper, home from school due to illness. Natalie gave her daughter a hot water bottle but unfortunately the bottle was faulty. It burst on Harper causing severe burns on her lap and legs. 

“It was the most horrific event of her life and mines too,” Natalie said.

Harper was in the hospital for five weeks. She had more than five surgeries, several blood transfusions, and x-rays for other complications that occurred while hospitalized. Harper was in excruciating pain, could not move, walk or go to the bathroom. She had reoccurring infections and was terrified of the nurses and doctors. 

 “For me, I felt hopeless not being able to take her pain away and guilty for giving her the hot water bottle in the first place,” Natalie said.

Harper survived her burns and continues to heal physically and emotionally.

Natalie would like people to know that surviving a burn or caregiving for a burn patient requires a lot of patience. Natalie said the horrible incident helped her realize to cherish every moment of life. Everything can change in a second. Value your health. Value the happy moments. Value the calm. Value all aspects of life that make you smile,” she said.

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