Meet Kimberly

When Kimberly Molala was 13 years old, she was involved in a fire accident that led to her spending almost a year hospitalized. During that time, she lost her self-esteem and confidence.

When she returned to school after her hospitalization and tried to adjust to a new chapter in her life, it meant making new friends and overcoming stares, people mocking her, and talking behind her back while having to explain and prove she was fine, even though at times she wasn’t. “It dawned on me that this was not going away and the fact that I was still alive and not dead led to me having to understand and accept the new me,” Kimberly said. “I knew deep down that I still had purpose in life to continue living life to the fullest and that I had the power to imagine better and put those imaginations into action. 

The decision was made together with my family and doctors that I would stop with the on-going surgical operations so that I can focus on my education then decide thereafter if I wanted to continue or not.” Despite some failed job opportunities due to discrimination, she got a permanent job at one of the global companies within South Africa, who accepted her for who she was and believed that She had the potential to strive within the organization. She started as a receptionist and is currently a Recruitment Specialist. She is also currently studying towards a qualification in Human Resources Management through the University of South Africa.

The realization that I was alive and not dead motivated me to confront my fears throughout the years, embrace life and to look beyond the disability and the scars,” Kimberly said. 

“My scars are uncovered (Facial & Hands), they remind me that yesterday was not alright but that today is perfect with its imperfections, Kimberly said. 

“They don’t affect how I feel about myself; they are visible reminders of my life long physical & emotional challenges; they are reminders that we can heal no matter what happens to us…

I suppose I love my scars because they have stayed with me longer than most people have and longer than I have lived. Beauty with a purpose, I share my story to inspire others –

I am Kimberly Molala.

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